• Jasmine & Ricky May 7, 2016

  • Mark & Tori May 24, 2015

    Widya and the Grand Aston Bali team,

    Thank you from the both of us for helping to plan such an amazing wedding.


    Mark & Tori


  • Nathan & Mandy July 20, 2015


    What a fantastic wedding we had here at Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort! Everything was absolutely perfect :), ceremony, decorations, food, cocktails were just great. Loved my make up and hair, thank you ladies. It was my dream wedding.

    Thank you Widya and all the staff that made our wedding come to life


    Mandy & Nathan

  • Jill & Gary December 16, 2015

  • Naomi & Warren Wedding May 7, 2016

  • Albert & Yohana July 21, 2015

    Pertama saya memilih di Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort karena ingin pernikahan yang simple dan tenang. 

    Ternyata saya mendapatkan lebih dari itu, tidak hanya simple dan tenang tetapi terkesan mewah.

    Semua tamu undangan pun senang dengan pelayanan tempat ini. Acara terkordinir dengan baik dan pelayanan setiap orang sangat memuaskan. Saya akan merekomendasikan orang lain untuk wedding di Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort

    Thank you,

    Albert & Yohana

  • Richard & Yvonne February 15, 2015

    To Kiky & Grand Aston Resort Team,

    We really appreciate the effort and time that you all have put into this celebration and no doubts that you have only delivered more than we expected. What an absolutely beautiful, well organised, stress free wedding. Thank you to everyone involved :-)

    From the very first moment we met Kiky Prasmita (Wedding Coordinator) it was an absolute pleasure and delight to deal with her as she made our experience a wonderful and memorable experience.

    Kiky organised everything for us on our special day from the Legal arrangements, translation into Bahasa, trip to the consulate in private car, wedding setup, flowers, bride Hair and makeup, photography and the romantic dinner on the beach for us both in the evening. Not to mention all the other extra things Kiky did for me along the way that I haven’t mentioned above.

    We shared some very special moments with Kiki, some tears of joy and laughter. Everything was undeniably one we will never forget.

    I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this resort for a wedding with Kiky as your wedding coordinator.


    Would like to give you Kiki a really BIG thank you :-)

  • Krisztian & Eleonora November 19, 2014

    From the first moment we get into Grand Aston Bali Beach resort hotel, we felt that the place and the environment is really the best choice to celebrate our special day of our life here.

    Meeting our wedding coordinator Kiki Prasmita and her college made us sure that we are in good hands. We could find together the most beautiful place for the ceremony on the beach just like we have imagined.

    On the wedding day everyone who was taking part helping us was so nice and lovely eventhough we celebrated without our family. We didn't have to miss the familiar environment thanks to the personal and special careing. 

    We are happy that our memorable day was taken place herein Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort.

    Thank you very-very much!

    Krisztian & Eleonora

  • Kiwi & Akiko November 9, 2014

    Thank you so much to GRAND ASTON BALI for the special arrangement on My Wedding Day. It's so wonderful and we had a very greatful night here...

    Special thanks to Ms. Kiky. Thank you very much for your attention to deatils on my wedding... I really appreciate it...

    Hope I can meet you again Ms. Kiky...and will stay again in Grand Aston in future...

    Thank you

    Kiwi & Akiko

  • Mike & Stacey September 17, 2014

    Resort AMAZING! Staff AMAZING! Food AMAZING!

    Kiki our wedding planner and her staff over execeeded my expectations of a Wedding. Myself and guests were left speeechless. Thank you so much Kiki & Team. Love you guys!!

  • Scott & Misty September 12th, 2014

    Amazing Amazing Amazing

    We cannot put into words the way we feel about this place and the staff. Kiky was the perfect person for the job. So professional, patient and caring. We highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you for making our day perfect.

    From Mr & Mrs Carroll

  • Patrick & Nelly 18 August 2014

    Kiky, you were a terrific wedding coordinator. Without your input and help, our wedding would not have been as successful as it was. Patrick and I thank you from the deepest of our hearts. We realize that you did your best to make our day unforgettable even if there were things which turned out not as expected. We can tell you that our wedding was a blissful moment not only for us but also for all our relatives and friends who were there.  The décor was gorgeous and magical. It really was a dream wedding and was near perfection. Everybody had a wonderful time particularly at the dancing party. At first, Patrick and I thought that since there were so few guests, no one would want to party but we ended up partying with you & your colleagues too! Now, thinking of it, we regret that we booked the videographer and photographer for only 4 hours and not for the whole reception.

    The beautician and hairdresser did a great job. I know I was very demanding and wish to thank them warmly for their patience and professionalism. Like they rightly said, they turned me into a Balinese doll!!

    Thank you also for your attention to all the little details. We were pleasantly surprised by the congratulation note and roses on the door and the gift and flowers in our room and bathroom when we got back to our room after the reception.

  • Simon & Pungky Connor-Muir  April 5th, 2014


    To Sepi and Kiky :

    Thank you for all your hard work in making our wedding such a great and memorable success.
    We have had a wonderful weekend, which is done to the professionalism of the both of you and the staff at the hotel.

    Thank you
    Simon and Pungky




  • Fahira & Michael June 14th, 2014


    Thank you for everything Kiki and her team. Our wedding and all the preparation was made so easy. The friendly staff here at the Grand Aston made our stay everything we had hoped for.
    Thank you so much,
    Fahira & Michael




  • Ben & Kathleen Masters  April 3rd, 2014


    Hello Kiky

    Thank you to both yourself and Sepi for all your hard work and effort to make our wedding perfect.
    You both are a great team and I do hope the Aston recognize that.
    I would love to keep in touch as friends with you both as we have Facebook, under Kathleen Gibbons if you can search it ....it has one of wedding pics on it.

    We had received the album that was delivered to the reception at the kumala.
    We absolutely love it and it had exceeded our expectations.

    Take care
    Kathy,  Ben and Hayley xxx


  • Joe & Justine Sdraulig March 5th, 2014

    Getting married at the beautiful Grand Aston Bali was a wonderful experience, made even more wonderful by the amazing Miss Sepi and incredible staff. Nothing was too difficult and our wedding day far exceeded all expectations.

    What a wonderful, momentous and joyous day!
    Thank you so much.
  • Jason & Denise Sims February 14th, 2014

    Dearest Sepi and staff at Grand Aston Bali,

    Our wedding day was exactly what we wanted. The setting and ceremony were decorated beautifully. The ceremony itself was wonderful and our entire wedding day, thanks to you all, far exceeded our expectations. We sincerely thank you all so much for everything you did to make our day so special.

    All our love,
    Mr. Jason & Mrs. Denise Sims

  • Alex & Vanda Stewart January, 14th 2014

    Truly perfect!
    We could not have asked for a more professional & accommodation wedding team than Ms. Sepi and the Grand Aston Bali staff. From the first time we visited this hotel and met her, we knew an Grand Aston wedding was the way to go.

    Our family and friends were welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed their stay and rated our wedding as one of the most beautiful ever! Alex and I enjoyed every moment despite the dramas with the weather. And so thankful for the urgent changes and amazing call to action when needed even the hotel guest helped.

    Thank you Sepi! What a talented young lady, calm under pressure and full of great ideas. We have enough amazing memories to share with our family and friends for a lifetime.

    With love,
    Alex & Vanda Stewart

  • Christian & Kathy Grow November 16th, 2013

    Dearest Sepi
    Just arrived home from Bali and would like to take this time to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart for all your help over the last year to make our day really special, and you did exactly that so THANK YOU again. Our day was perfect and you have been amazing.

    Thank all the staff at the Grand Aston for their kindness and help with everything.
    So with this note I will now continue my life as Mrs. Grow and wish you all the happiness in your life and with your family.

    With Love,
    Mrs. Grow

  • Oscar Sanchez & Rahel Sanchez November 3rd, 2013

    Dear Grand Aston Bali
    Big big thanks for handling our special day, our special wedding day, especially for Ms. Sepi, our wedding planner. Everything done as what we wants to. Kiss & hug for Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort

  • Mark & Christy Welldon November 2nd, 2013

    We would like to thank our Wedding coordinator, Ms. Sepi and all the fantastic staff here at the resort Grand Aston. Our wedding was amazing and went far beyond our expectations in the day we had thought out for our special day. The ceremony and the reception were truly beautiful and we could not be any happier with all of our family and friends present and how comfortable everyone was with the night. The food, the atmosphere and the hotel were all truly magical.

    Thank you all,
    Mark & Christy Welldon

  • Dale Ferguson & Sandy Meessen October 5th, 2013

    Just wanted to say a big thank you in making Dale and I's wedding yesterday unforgettable. It went so smoothly and all of our guests enjoyed the venue, food, entertainment, and the day as a whole.

    Sepi, our wedding planner & Grand Aston Staff - thank you all for making our wedding run so smoothly and with such attention for detail. The honeymoon suite was to die for, with all your personal touches to the room I was gob smacked. All our guests was stunned by the beautiful venue, the service and the fantastic food. You made our special day memorable to all of our guests and us.

  • Nicole & Jeremy O’Leary September 6th, 2013

    Hi Sepi,
    Where do I start!! From the moment we started emailing Sepi, right through to our meeting in March to our amazing wedding in September we were so happy with Sepi and how much time she took to understand exactly what we wanted on our big day! Our wedding day was more than we could ever have expected! It looked breathtakingly beautiful and all the little extra details I wanted were there and even a few more!

    There was no stress, no worry on our behalf and Sepi was always there to answer our questions or find solutions to anything that wasn't working! She is an absolutely amazing person and the Aston should be so blessed to have her as a staff member! I will and have recommended Sepi and the Grand Aston to anybody that is thinking of getting married in Bali as I know we can't stop talking or looking at our pictures amazed at how perfect it all was!

    We were really impressed that even after our wedding day Sepi would check in on us to make sure our honeymoon was going great:). We have stayed at Grand Aston Bali a few times now but we defiantly will be staying here on all our trips:) Can not wait to be back!

    Thank you Sepi a million times over for making our vision into a reality

  • Stephen & Jasmine Williams August 19th, 2013

    Aston Bali exceeded our expectations! The Lulur massage to the day of getting hair & make up done by the kind staff made me really feel so special. Everyone here has been kind, smiling – always! And very very helpful. Sepi has done an amazing job for the setup, support, help and above all she has been through with information & attention to detail. Me and my husband are very happy with the service we both get, but above all, we are very happy and eternally grateful for the amazing experience we have both had from Ms. Sepi & the staff. The Aston staff on our wedding day was very touching and beautifully presented. Thank you all so much for the amazing service, beautiful staff and all the help! Even when my husband lost his ring in the pool! Even then, the staff exceeded all our expectation!!
    All our love Jasmine & Stephen Williams

  • Cedric & Galina Kuenzi August 17th, 2013

    We would like to thank Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort, especially to Ms. Sepi Rama, our Wedding Coordinator, for this unforgettable day. Starting with all preparations, the whole organization and finally our “most important day in our lives”, all this was simply perfect! We highly recommend Grand Aston Bali as a great place to spend your most special moment as well!
    Cedric & Galina Kuenzi

  • Thomas & Anne McCready  June 23, 2013

    The Aston Bali Beach Resort were excellent and very professional, our Wedding Coordinator was very efficient and made the day very special. The garden looked amazing, the decorations were fantastic and the staff were beautiful. They gave us the day we always dreamt of. Brilliant! Well Done! Thank you so much.
    Lots of love The McCready’s

  • Tristan & Jeanne Siegertsz August 13, 2013

    We would like to thank Sepi and her wonderful team for all their efforts on making our wedding day special. There was never anything to hard of difficult and all of our request were met with a smile. We had a beautiful wedding day, everything we could of wished for. Thank you so much for giving us such wonderful memories.
    Tristan & Jeanne Siegertsz

  • Alida & Andries Treurnicht June 22, 2013

    Sepi & Staff of the Aston Bali.
    Words can not express our gratitude for all you have done. Your friendlyness, care and attention to detail have made this day even more special than we could have imagined it. Thank you for making our wedding day spectacular and for the wonderful hospitality you have showed us. We hope to visit you again soon.
    Alida & Andries Treurnicht

  • Marit & Marcel Carli June 17, 2013

    We want to thank  everybody involved of making the best day of our life come true. Especially Sepi who stood by our site and arranged everything into perfection. Our third stay with the Aston family in Bali will not be our last. Thanks to all of you, Marit and Marcel Carli

  • Rewanne & Wilson  June 13, 2013

    Hi Sepi and your teamates, 
    Thousand thanks for making our wedding dinner full of "suprise", we are suprised on the beautiful beachfront view, simple but elegant table setting/backdrop, romantic enviroment with wonderful lighting and music, which make our special day so perfect. My family and all guests are delighted to say "fantastic" and they feel enjoyable, they keep asking me how I can make it so awsome. Of coz i would say....... Thank you so much of your attention to all detail and arrangement far exceeded our expectations. Really really unforgetable memories for the rest of my life See you Sepi and your team...........next year anniversary ^.^
    ps. I contacted with Sepi just a week ago before my wedding date but the arrangement went smoothly, she is professional and care to us.  

  • Brooke & David Collins June 08, 2013

    What a day!
    Our wedding day and the lead up exceeded all our expectation. In particular, we would like to thank Sepi our Wedding Planner for taking all the stress out of organizing a Wedding from Australia. The food and service were outstanding and our 64 guest were so impressed! Nothing was too much trouble. We highly recommend Sepi, The Aston and its wonderful staff for your special day.
    Brooke & David Collins.

  • Donna & Scott April 20, 2013

    Dearest Sepi and Team,
    Thank you for making our most special day so perfect. Your organization and attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. The ceremony and reception was amazing, the food was exceptional and now we could not have asked for a better backdrop than the gardens of the Aston hotel. I, as well as our guests, will thoroughly recommend your hotel and services to anyone considering a wedding in Bali. With heartfelt thanks and gratitude, Donna and Scott

  • Marnie & Craig Williams April 17, 2013

    The day was so perfect. If I had to do it again I wouldn't change a thing, and that says a lot. I know weddings do have high and low points, and they also have little mistakes along the way, but honestly I cannot pick one thing wrong with my day. It's just simply perfect, amazing, beautiful, gorgeous,stunning and breath taking. Once again thank you very much, and we hope to be back in January for our first wedding anniversary. Love, Marnie and Craig Williams

  • Hanna & Ma Ning October 27, 2012

    I stayed at Aston in 2010 and I saw this beautiful young couple having their wedding on the beach of Aston. It came to me that this is exactly what I want my wedding to be like. So simple and elegant, totally fairy-like. I knew it would be memorable for life and thus I decided to have mine here when I get married. Two years later I went back to Aston, this time with my husband, my two year old boy, and my new baby who is still in my belly. The wait was worthwhile. I had my once in a lifetime wedding ceremony and my 30th birthday at the beach and reception dinner by the dreamy pool. My family and friends had an awesome time. Thanks to Aston Bali and its friendly and caring staff. It was a dream wedding came true. I will have all these memories attached close to my heart for the rest of my life. Thank you. Hanna and Ma Ning

  • Aaron & Jodie September 27, 2012

    We loved the atmosphere of the hotel.
    All of our guests commented on how nice the setting was for a wedding. We are sure our photos will be lovely with the beautiful background of the scenery. The staff worked tirelessly throughout the reception and were happy to accommodate us throughout the rest of the night. Allowing us to continue our night with family and friends well past the end time of reception at another area of the resort (By the C Bar). We had a fantastic wedding and thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Aston Bali. Thanks heaps to Denny, our Wedding Coordinator. He was great.

  • Josh & Erin Mallouk September 23, 2012

    The wedding was everything we hoped it would be! Intimate, quiet and relaxed...perfect for us. We can't thank you and your staff enough for the experience! We will forever have fabulous memories of our wedding day!. Initially, before booking I had concerns about planning a wedding overseas but with the assistance of yourself and also Leoni initially the process was smooth and easy! Our guests have had only positive things to say...they loved the food, the atmosphere, everything!. Brinks photography did an absolutely outstanding job with the photos! Would recommend them to anyone and the albums have been complimented by everyone!. Thanks again Denny, we look forward to returning to Bali and the Aston sometime in the near future!. Josh and Erin Mallouk

  • Melanie & Jai August 04, 2012

    Today is my last day at the Aston and I leave very happy afterhaving the most amazing wedding. I did a lot of research before choosing Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa in Nusa Dua. Aston had fantastic reviews with realistic and affordable prices, without compromising on quality. We organized everything via email with Denny who went above & beyond to cater for all of ourwishes. We felt confident that Denny understood what we wanted and always emailed us with a detailed list of our wedding arrangements. Payment was easy & safe. I used OzForex for our international transfer with a small $15.00 fee. Our guests love the food and some of our guests who have eaten all over the world said it was the best food they have ever eaten. Thank you Denny & Aston staffs for providing us with the best service & wedding day. We won't forget you.

  • Ruben & Rachael Lea July 12, 2012

    Absolutely amazing! Could not have asked for a better wedding. The day went very smoothly and the decorations were gorgeous. Denny our wedding coordinator was very helpful and friendly, he made our day perfect. Love the special touches that were made throughout our stay at Aston & the room was spectacular. 110% satisfied!

  • Travis & Megan July 12, 2012

    Thank you Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa for organizing and setting up our special day! The arrangements were magical and you have given us the most precious, memorable moments from a wedding day that anyone could ask for! Thank you to ALL the kind staff for your hospitality, kindness and generosity. Denny You are AMAZING! Thank you so much for everything! We can't wait to tell all our friendsabout everything you've done for us. You're highly recommended! Kind regards, Travis & Megan

  • Rob & Charlotte  July 10, 2012

    From the time that we decided to get married at the Aston Bali everything was made amazingly easy by the wonderful wedding planners, Leony and Denny. The emails flew back and forth for months and months and were so detailed that I think we had less stress than any of our friends who had got married back home in New Zealand!

    The day of the wedding was absolutely perfect! We couldn't have asked for a better day. A slight breeze and not too hot. The decorations and the set up were exactly what we wanted and the flowers were beautiful! The set menu that we picked was absolutely delicious and the cocktails kept everyone happy all night.

    We would highly recommend to anyone getting married at the Aston Bali to use Brinks Photography as the photos that he took with his partner were stunning and so much more than we had hoped the would be!

    We have told all our friends about the amazing service and the stunning setting for our wedding at the Aston Bali and we would recommend to anyone out there who is looking at getting married in Bali to consider the Aston for their special day. The staff and the amazing wedding planner make it an easy choice for a beautiful stress free wedding that you will remember for the rest of your life!

    Mr and Mrs Burt

  • Linden & Kate Mansfield  July 11, 2012

    Thank you for a wonderful day! Everything ran like clockwork, was well organized and exactly what we wanted. The reception dinner by the pool was magical with fabulous food and friendly staff. Bali Pic Photography were great and not intrusive. Everyone had a fantastic time. Thank you again.

  • Keith & Marianna Rae June 14, 2012

    Dear Denny, Widya and all staff at The Aston. Keith and I can not thank you enough for making our wedding everything we could possibly dream of and more. Every little detail was taken care of which made our wedding day stress free. The ceremony looked so beautiful. And the reception was totally amazing. The food was absolutely delicious. We were a bit dissapointed wiht the DJ and thought he could have had more variety in music. But all in all our wedding was amazing and it could be a day that us and our guests would remember with happiness for many years to come. Thanks once again. Warm Regards. Ketih & Marianna.

  • John & Grace Deacons June 8, 2012

    Our wedding day was perfect - more than what we ever had expected. The risk of having our wedding abroad very much paid off. We were able to spend time with our guests as they enjoyed their holiday. Our wedding day was beautiful. All staff at Aston contributed to our special day. From the girls who did our hair & makeup, the staff who set up our decorations and of course Denny and Anastasia who we communicated with over email in the months before our wedding. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will be back!

  • John & Melinda Edwards June 04, 2012

    We eloped to Bali so we had to make all of our arrangements via email and in secret. As we had never been to Bali before, we only had website pictures to guide our choice. After our first email from Denny, we felt confident that our small, intimate wedding was in good hands so we relaxed and followed his advice on everything. As a result of his excellent planning & attention to detail in advance - our wedding day was perfect! The honeymoon suite is amazing, the flowers were beautiful, the gazebo decorations were lovely, the service was simple and meaningful & our photographer, Faizal, was awesome! All of the Aston Bali staff have been exceptionally warm and attentive. We have magical memories & will definitely return. Thank you Denny!

  • Lotte & Rickey May 28, 2012

    Dear Denny and Aston Bali Hotel Thank you somuch for your help and kindness on our wedding day at your hotel the 28th ofMay 2012. We had awonderful day, and you made it even better because of your professional serviceand kindness. We willnever forget it and we will keep the beautiful memories in our hearts forever. Best regardfrom Lotte &Rickey, Denmark

  • Daniel & Bronwyn May 12, 2012

    Dear Denny & all the staff at the Aston. Thank you for providing a wonderful wedding for Daniel & I. The ceremony was lovely, reception was set up beautiful & the food & drinks were wonderful, we will treasure this experience for life. Many thanks. Mr & Mrs. Giltay.

  • James & Sarra Poynor May 11, 2012

    We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Denny (+Stella) in organizing our special day. Denny was very accommodating of our needs, which resulted in the first sunrise wedding ceremony at the Aston Bali!! To organize the priest, the photographer and technical team to create our dream wedding at 6am was very impressive!! We were blessed with a shinning sunrise and everything went to plan. Denny & Stella worked so hard and got up so early to make our day so memorable - Thank you. Very well done and many thanks to Denny & everyone at Aston Bali that gave us a morning that we will cherish always. Thank you.

  • Jonathan & Lauren Potts April 27, 2012

    We highly recommend the Aston Hotel to anyone thinking about getting married overseas. The service is better than any resort we have ever been to! The decorations for our wedding were exactly what we requested, the food was on-time, hot and amazing. The whole day went off without a hitch, and worked out a lot better than we ever expected. Having the hotel prepare the wedding and reception took most of the stress out of the preparations. The photos turned out fantastic and only took 3 days before we received our albums! Big thanks to Denny and the Aston team! PS: choose appropriate attire for your day. Full length suits in 32 degree heat is super hot! =)

  • Nigel & Sarah Lilley March 28, 2012

    Absolutely stunning venue. Fantastic organization made very simple from the other side of the world. Thank you so much.

  • Daniel & Indah Pinto - USA February 11, 2012

    One word..... EXCELLENT!!!!

    Leony & her staffs are absolutely amazing!!
    We plan this wedding from overseas.... USA to be exact, and we cant thank you enough for your patience of responding to our many many emails in order to have a perfect day in our life.

    Everything turned out to be exactly the way we wanted it.. From the venue set up, ceremony, dinner reception to flower arrangement. It was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL.
    Everybody loved it, including the other hotel guests!! They were truly amazed with everything. Even for the next couple days they still complemented us on how beautiful everything was!!

    again, we cant thank you enough for Leony, Denny, Sutama, and others on the wedding team to create such a beautiful memory of a lifetime for us.

    To the rest of the hotel staffs:
    Thank you so much for your warmth, kindness & trully amazing efforts to make our stay worthy of a return trip to your beautiful resort :)

  • Aaron & Nicole Bennett - Australia February 04, 2012

    Hi Leony,
    THANKYOU for all your time and efforts that you put in to help make our wedding such a memorable one! Aaron and I were more than happy with your services and the way our ceremony / reception was handled. You were onto every question and query we had and explained things very well for us to understand. The venue is absolutely amazing and we are already talking of booking our next trip over and staying at the Aston the whole time :). Our photos look amazing with all the facilities you have at your resort, definitely a 10/10 venue. I will be referring any friends or family to look at staying at your resort in future or even booking a wedding through you personally.. Take care and stay in touch, I can send you through some photos over the next week or two If you would like to see them :) Nic & Aaron Bennett xx

  • Clint Bowman & Amanda Davis - Australia January 24, 2012

    First of all, we would like to thanks Leony & her team for helping us plan such a beautiful wedding. Through out our stay we were made to feel welcome and the staffs were always pleasant and friendly. Our wedding day was magnificent - it was all we were expecting and more. Each day we treated ourselves to the spa and the pool and bars were amazing. The restaurants had a great range of food & room service catered to our every need - every meal we had was spectacular. Again, we would like to thank the whole Aston Team, but especially Leony, who made herself available for any questions we had. We will definitely be visiting The Aston again!

  • Darren Edlund & Kim Wingerak - Canada November 11, 2011

    Hello Leony!
    We have just returned from our wedding and honeymoon and I wanted to thank you again for everything. You and your team made our special day seamless and the word I used to describe to friends and family back home was perfect!. The honeymoon suite and all of the extra special touches made us truly feel pampered!. Here are a few photos from the day!. We look forward to returning to the Aston Bali to celebrate anniversaries in the future!
    Best regards,
    Kim Wingerak