A deep tissue massage employing age-old Balinese techniques with traditional herbs &oil to relieve muscle pain, this relaxing massage therapy combines long strokes and acupressure with stretching to release stiff or painful areas by slowly working into the deep layers of muscle tissue, expelling negative energy and toxins.


Traditional Hawaiian techniques to gently soothe away tired muscles and frazzled nerves.


Swedish technique using a concentrated blend of essential oils; this treatment drains toxins while nourishing the skin, relaxing muscles, and stimulating blood and oxygen flow


Using Shiatsu technique that has been   adopt for thousand of years in Asia, a massage that alleviates muscles fatigue and tension by applying pressure to specific points along the body’s energy meridians. Using the fingers, hands, and elbows, our Shiatsu massage specialist unblocks the flow of energy, stimulating it.


This technique combines a massage and a hot stones treatment with the aim to relax the body



Used in traditional Chinese medicine, bamboo releases muscle tension by rolling the bamboo over the muscle with same strokes as fingers or palm.


Reflexology  is  an  ancient  Egyptian,  Chinese  and  Indian  therapy  based  on  the  timeless  theory  that meridian lines or pathways carry energy through the body. By stimulating the reflex points on your feet, your therapist activates the natural energy of the corresponding organs to restore normal function and health. An invigorating massage, the Reflexology treatment improves blood circulation and ensures a long healthy life.


This massage frees the body from all its tensions by working the muscles and skin with agile, graceful strokes and gentle, comforting movements. The kneading, treading and smoothing movements will leave you feeling       relaxed and calm.

This massage works the body with parallel movements, resulting in a feeling of well-being, a rested mind and a relaxed body.


This treatment uses intense movements on muscle tissue with a variety of techniques, both invigorating and stimulating. By careful application of pressure, tapping and stretching the skin and muscles are warmed while the body becomes re-energized and stimulated ultimately increasing Prana (life force)


This spectacular treatments draws on three cultures to deliver an intensely relaxing and calming experience. Specifically designed to expel  fatigue from the body as well as rid it of daily stresses and tensions. In order to re-balance energies, movements are precise and sustained, focusing on the tense parts of the ‘body heat’ achieved by stimulating the foot’s reflex zones (Indian with the Kansu bowl).